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H5-60L CL

H5-60L CL

  • H5-60L-SL 12V 60Ah 660CCA L242 W175 H190 T.H190

This product has won two patents for invention. Silver shield super lithium battery is made of graphite, carbon, lithium iron and other materials.            Composite composition, is a mixture of physical and chemical batteries, the mixed finished batteries have supercapacitors.            It has wide operating temperature, ultra-low internal resistance and long service life. It also has small size, light weight of lithium batteries.            High density capacity ratio.            Intelligent computer chips and control switches with currents up to 1000A (ampere) are embedded in the battery.            When the automobile line is short-circuited or leakage, the output can be switched off in time, and the battery has a key to restore the start-up function.            Whether you park for a long time or forget to turn off the lights or lose power, you can save some of your electricity until you need to use the car.            At the same time, the one-click restore start-up function can provide you with emergency ignition start-up, without waiting for rescue.


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